Stephen G. Clayton – Punchline/ My Accident (2022)

With this last release ‘Lies to Die For’, Stephen G. Clayton brought some electronic pop notes to his usual blend of sound. This mixture continues with the double single release ‘Punchline/My Accident’ which fills our ears with some acoustic rock and folktronica. Teaming up with Knight-Malciak again for both singles, they look at the search for strength in the face of violence.

Regularly collaborating with each other, they bring an understanding of their styles to the songs as they play their musicality off each other. This dual single release marks the fifth from Clayton as a solo artist, after he started his musical career with the band Meeky Rosie. Using an intimate yet expansive sound, he tackles serious topics with wonderful finesse.

The first single ‘Punchline’ uses a stop-start guitar movement to grab your attention. Over the guitar tone, the vocals soothe your senses with a touch of melancholy. The vocals have a slight sighing quality that brings a delicate tiredness to the performance. Through the lyrics, you are drawn into the feeling of sadness as they beg for the light at the end of the tunnel to show itself. As you are led into the chorus, strings fill the lower levels of the melody to elevate the sound and provide the rich rise that leads you to a hidden strength. While the song is packed with a tired resignation, there is also the knowledge that you have the strength to get through the depression you face. This comes to a soaring head in the latter parts of the track as the folktronica arrangement takes over in dramatic fashion.

‘My Accident’ has a lighter feeling to the opening plucked guitar notes. While lighter, there is a darkness that is waiting just beneath the surface, waiting for you to sink into the mired depths. The vocals have a subdued feeling that tugs at your emotions. The melody starts to run for the chorus with the drums pushing at you, while the piano sparkles in the corner of your eyes. The lyrics touch on the pressure we all feel, before flowing into an acknowledgement of the strength we all have. Through the verses, you can feel the searching tendrils as they look for a way to overcome the troubles they face. This moves into a really catchy chorus that makes you want to sing along and soar on the currents it creates.

Stephen G. Clayton teams up again with Knight-Malciak for the dual single release ‘Punchline/My Accident’ as they search for strength. Both tracks have an uplifting movement that first takes you through the darkness, before you hit the light of inner strength. They tackle the search in different ways, but the folktronica movement shines across both as they connect to each other using an important message.

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