Baneful Town – You and No One Else (2021)

A lot of young people long for the excitement of the big city. Baneful Town has turned the experience of life in the city into the upbeat single ‘You and No One Else’. While tapping into the youthful experience, it is tempered with the feeling of missing someone. All of this comes together in a beautifully woven alt-Americana single.

While this single is the band’s sixth release, it is actually their oldest song. Coming from the musical talents of Marshal Herridge, Laura Fasanella and Zach Bachand, it merges drunken love songs with the city streets. Using a raw approach, they have you walking the path of love and longing through the bright lights of the city.

‘You and No One Else’ hits you with some great country-folk tones from the start. The strumming guitar makes you think of the open road which is a little at odds with the overall setting of the single. However, when the strings gently waft through the background, they bring the feeling of the city to you. The melody is utterly wonderful as it brings a bit of Americana to folk and some alt-country. The strumming guitar is all folk but when it weaves through the strings and shuffling drums it gains an Americana edge to it. As you listen to the music, you can almost smell the rain hitting the hot asphalt of the city while you long for the presence of someone.

The yearning that lightly touches the melody makes its presence known in the vocals. Herridge’s voice gently enters against the strummed guitar to paint the scene of the lyrics. His voice has this delicate feeling like he is whispering a confession in the twilight hours. His voice harmonises with Fasanella on the chorus adding this beautiful layered feeling to the music. Their performance is captivating and emotional as it sinks into your chest and makes you want to close your eyes to soak it all in. The lyrics are awash with yearning, particularly on the chorus, but there is something hopeful about it like you know you can get over the feeling or know that the person will come back.

Baneful Town brings a rain-soaked city to your ears while filling you with a yearning for someone who isn’t around in ‘You and No One Else’. There is a somewhat upbeat feeling to the music that fuses with the steady vocals for an engaging listening experience. This is a truly beautiful single that will have you eager to listen to more of their music.

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