Stumble Steady – Nobody Told the Wolves (2021)

With his debut EP, Stumble Steady is using vast soundscapes to explore a range of topics from mental illness to social unrest and relationships. Nobody Told the Wolves delves into everything that affects people and analyses the quirks, troubles and positives of the world. With some unforgettable hooks and a touch of calm observation, the EP tries to right incorrect stereotypes while embracing the world and the changes it needs.

This exploration of topics comes from Garrett Kealer, the solo band member. With a blend of alternative rock and indie pop, he shows what he can do and gets you excited about what is to come in the future. While this is his debut EP as Stumble Steady, Kealer has performed with a variety of groups over the years.

The EP starts with ‘Mammoth’ that has a vast and slightly frosty feeling to the music. The melody makes you think of a chilly breeze sweeping snow across an icy tundra. It is a rather meditative movement that has you breathing deeply and sinking into the music. An instrumental track, it is light and relaxing while offering a depth of music with the different layers building together as it progresses for an intense feeling at the end.

The beats of ‘Let’s Have Fun’ are an interesting drop after the intensity of the opening track. The beats have a wonderful toe-tapping vibe to them that forms a solid foundation for the track. Kealer’s vocals are interesting as they offer an earthy feeling while rising with an almost hazy edge. The harmonisations on the chorus add to the haziness before you drop back to the ground for the verses. There are moments of electronic edging that is a delightful contrast to the overall organic feeling of the song.

‘Coming To An End’ takes you on a different melodic path with a driving strumming guitar. There is an observational feeling to this song that really shines on the verses. When the chorus hits, there is a change in the feeling as his voice is filled with a pleading. There is a serious message woven into this song that you should look out for. Through the catchy movements of the track, you are drawn into a consideration of a relationship and the emotions it brings.

The sweeping opening of ‘Tired’ really grabs your head and swings you head-first into the music. This song has an intense soundscape that is all twinkling lights, pulsing colours and soaring vibes. The intensity of the soundscape walks the line of being overwhelming which is a wonderful sonic accompaniment to the lyrics. As the lyrics work through life and the feeling of being tired, Kealer’s vocals move from the happiness of certain moments to the depression of feeling bad all the time.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Hazy’ which brings a reflective tone. The instrumentation has an interesting feeling of distance that swings into a more intimate setting. The shuffle and beat of the track has you constantly moving forward through the soundscape. This is a perfect end to the EP and lets you ease out of the contemplations of the tracks before it.

Stumble Steady uses five very different songs to explore a range of topics in Nobody Told the Wolves. The EP has a general observational and reflective feeling to it that shines through on each track. However, this is tempered with the unique movements of the songs that allow each to shine on their own.

Find out more about Stumble Steady on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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