Megan Henwood – Hello/Goodbye (2020)

There are moments in life that are both beginnings and ends. One such moment prompted Megan Henwood to write the single ‘Hello/Goodbye’. The event was the birth of Henwood’s first child and the song was written during an extended labour. Through the music, she creates an ode to the life she is leaving behind and a welcome to her new one as a parent.

The single continues Henwood’s fresh take on music as she experiments with different stylings to ensure she never repeats herself. For this track, she has fused folk sensibilities with electronica for an engaging sound that captures the feeling of stepping through a portal to a new life. While the single is based on a very personal experience, it is relatable as we have all gone through a moment of profound change.

‘Hello/Goodbye’ uses an acoustic guitar to draw you into a hazy and nostalgic soundscape. While the hazy tones remain with the acoustic guitar, they are joined by a deep beat that has your shoulders moving to its rhythm. The fusion sounds come through a little later as light electronic tones rise from the base of the melody. These are a light ray of light that shines gently on the easy melody. There is an intimacy to the music that captures the movement from one section of life to another.

Henwood’s vocals are a whispered layer that drifts across your ears. Through the soft dance of her performance, you are drawn into the poetry of the lyrics. She uses a creative lyricism to both pay tribute to the life she is leaving behind and welcome the new turn her life has taken. Her performance has a dash of nostalgia, but there is also a thread of acknowledgement that she would shed that old life happily in the right situation.

Megan Henwood captures the moment that life changes in her gentle single ‘Hello/Goodbye’. The soft acoustic lines of the music have you drifting on a hazy ray of light while dipping your fingers into a river of nostalgia. This is tempered with an intimate soundscape and vocals that welcome the new life.

Find out more about Megan Henwood on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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