Third Lung – Falling Stone (2020)

Third Lung doesn’t hold back with their attempt to explore the loneliness of self-discovery. Their last single of 2020, ‘Falling Stone’, considers that what we often miss in our lives are hidden in the places we are afraid to delve into. Through this consideration, the band leads you to the realisation that you have to go it alone to find that which will complete your existence.

This rather heavy journey comes from the brains and musical talents of Tom Farrelly (lead vocals, guitar), Cams Jurasek (backing vocals, lead guitar), Rob Jacques (bass) and Sam Waugh (drums). Farrelly and Jurasek first met at Reading College while studying music and started to play together. Over time, Farrelly sought other musicians to build a music project around the original music he created and the band was born.

The opening guitar line of ‘Falling Stone’ effortlessly draws you into the soundscape. This line is joined by additional guitar lines and a steady beat in the lower levels of the melody. The light touch of the melody remains for the first verse before a light bounce forward with a rockier tone for the chorus. The chorus has an anthemic feeling to the music that combines with the vocals for a sing-along vibe. After the chorus, the music drops back to that gentle tone for a satisfying rise and fall.

Farrelly’s vocals fill you with a sense of isolation from the first moment. His higher tones build in power and emotional impact as the single goes on. The power of his performance bursts on the chorus while filling you with the need to sing along. There is just something about his voice that engages your senses while sending you soaring through the band’s vibes.

The official music video in an understated affair that works perfectly with the messaging of the track. You see the band playing the single under lights. A relatively simple visual, it offers an intimacy that enhances the emotional impact of the lyrics and music. You are also filled with a sense of what the band might be like to see live.

Third Lung fills you with a realisation that you need to delve into the dark on your own to find the things that will fulfil you with ‘Falling Stone’.  The single combines an effortless soundscape with powerful and emotive vocals. The official music video uses an intimate and understated visual to bring the message home.

Find out more about Third Lung on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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