Fantast – Repeat (2021)

When we think about the past, we often do so through rose-tinted lenses. Fantast is considering the romanticism of our past when we are hit with a wave of nostalgia in ‘Repeat’. The single draws on emotions we have all felt in the last year as we tried to find a safe haven from the present and a feeling of uncertainty for the future. In these moments, sinking into a repetitive loop of good memories is tempting, but should be done with care.

This consideration of nostalgia comes from siblings Daniel and Mario Gschwendtner with Fabian David. The trio creates music that sits on the edges of various genres including industrial, alternative, pop and hip-hop. With this experimental fusion of tones, their message hit hard while the music has you grooving into their musical wonderland.

The vocals that open ‘Repeat’ echo and zip past your head. The experimental approach taken by the band captures your imagination from the very start of the track drawing you to the very end. The slightly detached feeling to the vocals is wonderful when you really listen to the lyrics and the message they have. You are pulled into a floating space of reminiscence while questioning if staying in this memory loop is the right thing to do. There is a lot of creativity packed into the track that makes it so wonderfully unique and different to anything else you might be listening to.

As you sink into the flows of the vocals, the melody brings a fusion of beats and futurism. The depths and pace of the beats have an edge of industrial tones. They dance around electronic tones that lift you from the ground and set you in the pocket of the music. There is a really tight arrangement to the music that hooks into your chest and pulls you down the soundscape. Every note accentuates what the vocals have to tell you.

Fantast brings a tight yet experimental sound to your ears while asking some seriously heavy questions in ‘Repeat’. The vocals have you questioning the steps many of us take to get away from a bleak reality while offering you a slight glimmer of a potential path forward. The melody is both echoing and floating as it grips you tight.

Find out more about Fantast on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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