Sully – Ghosting (Me) (2020)

Relationships are full of hazards that can sometimes come out of nowhere. These hazards can come before entering a relationship as those who have tried online dating are aware. Sully considers this with her fizzing pop single ‘Ghosting (Me)’. Through the track, she delves into the rather common situation of being ghosted and unpacks this in relation to a toxic relationship.

The track is another relatable banger from the Melbourne-based powerhouse as it follows her debut single ‘I Should Know Better’. She continues to pack contemporary angst into her music while serving it up with a load of pop and a side serving of RnB. A magnetic performer, she will have you pumped with her vibes before the song is even halfway done.

‘Ghosting (Me)’ offers a somewhat dark futurist vibe to the opening. The expansive synth soundscape makes you think of a city at night with neon lights reflecting off rain-soaked sidewalks. The deep pulsing beats that come in for the chorus acts as a turning point for the lyrics. There are different synth layers that pulse through the soundscape and combine for a fizzing sound. This fizzing sound has a darkness to it like it could completely envelop you if you are not careful.

Sully’s vocals are honey-coated and soft in the opening as she lays out her feelings. There is a sense of sadness within her performance with a hint of questioning what has happened. The chorus turns to a reprimand of the toxic relationship and the constant swing from hot to cold. The pulsing beats of the chorus signal a change in the lyrical trajectory as Sully builds strength from the second verse. Through the change, you are filled with an empowering sense that you are stronger without the person ghosting you.

Sully takes on the practice of ghosting in regards to a toxic relationship in the fizzy pop banger ‘Ghosting (Me)’. The pulsing synths of the melody create a neon soundscape while her vocals move through sadness to questioning and finally the realisation that you are stronger without the person ghosting you. There is a great energy to the music and if you don’t feel the need to dance to the song, I don’t know what you were listening to.

Find out more about Sully on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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