Sunday Hunter – Bleeding Hearts Club (2021)

With her single ‘Bleeding Hearts Club’, Sunday Hunter hits us with two very different themes that merge perfectly into the moving pop tones of the music. Back after a break from music, she looks at the clubs that people create to share their woes. This is tempered by the second theme – the upper echelons of society feeding on the metaphorical blood of those lower on the societal food chain.

Her second solo release, the single swirls with ominous electronic tones and heavy dark beats. Drawing on the influences of Frank Zappa and DEVO, Hunter plucks out the best parts of electronic and pop music and combines them to create her unique sound. With skills that she has honed as a writer, producer and frontwoman for pop-rock bands, she has listeners excited for her upcoming EP release.

‘Bleeding Hearts Club’ sweeps you into the tapping ominous tones that fill the mid-layers of the track. The heavy beats vibrate through your chest while the higher tones prick at the back of your neck to send chills running down your spine. There is a really dark feeling to parts of the melody that merge with an almost dancing flow. You are drawn into the thrall of the music as it makes you want to dance, while still looking over your shoulder for the danger the vibrating tones alert you to. As the single continues, the synths lightly tap across your senses and fill your sights with ultra-violet neon colours. Later in the track, everything takes a much darker turn that works perfectly with the lead-up.

As you walk into the dark club of the music, Hunter’s vocals slice through the music to grab your wrist. With this hold, she pulls you further into the single as the lyrics form the layered meaning of the track. She has you tipping a glass in communal woe through the first half of the track. She then tilts your head to look beyond the pulsing lights to see what the powers that be are really doing. At times, her performance is haunting before it turns moving and pumps the urge to move into your veins.

Sunday Hunter tackles social inequality and shared woe through the dark, moving and rather ominous pulses of ‘Bleeding Hearts Club’. The music vibrates through you as you are drawn into the dark pulsing lights of an underground club. Her vocals hold you in place while sharing misfortune and recognising what is really going on in society.

Find out more about Sunday Hunter on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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