Grey Tower Heights – I Don’t Know Your Name (2021)

With their debut single ‘I Don’t Know Your Name’, Grey Tower Heights look set to draw us into an existential crisis as they lead us to question who we really are. The dark folk music is haunting, as it draws out vulnerability and exposes our real selves. Touching on everything from identity to human desire, the song is steeped in melancholy, complex harmonies and the evolution of the human experience.

Lyrically-driven, this solo project is set to lay out elaborate tales packed with colourful characters, lost love and melancholy. The home of outcasts, the musical project creeps out of the shadows to shed light on the thoughts and emotions whispered in the middle of the dark night. With tales that carry important messages in their depths, they dare you to stay and listen.

‘I Don’t Know Your Name’ builds with a dark and melancholy waltz that is like a slightly off-kilter and distorted fun fair. The swirling tones of the music have you twirling to sound, while the darkness weighs on your shoulders and leads you into a spiral of existential questioning. The music has a steady movement that endlessly dances through your senses and sends shivers of dread down your spine. As you waltz down the dark paths laid out by the music, additional tones make their way out of the fog, on the edges of your senses, to pluck at your clothing.

The dark dance of the music enhances the haunting vocals, which settle on your skin like a chilly fog. Her vocals are haunting and ethereal as they slink into your veins and leave an icy trail in their wake. The lyrics explore not knowing who you are and the understanding that the person you see in the mirror is not your true self. As you listen, you can feel the vocals opening your chest and revealing your vulnerabilities to the world. if you are in the mood for a single that chills you to the core and leaves you feeling vulnerable, this is the one for you.

Grey Tower Heights chills your soul through the haunting dark waltz of ‘I Don’t Know Your Name’. The melody twirls you around while grasping at the edges of your clothing. The vocals are haunting and ethereal as they send shivers racing through your soul and reveal your vulnerabilities to the world.

Find out more about Grey Tower Heights on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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