Xperience – Regal Blue ’84 (2020)

Xperience sliced through us with the smooth vocals and effortless melodies of ‘Love & War’. If you were as taken as we were, you will be happy to hear that he has released a full-length album Regal Blue ’84. Packing with emotive and rich tracks, the album considers everything beautiful and cruel. Through the tracks, he considers the bitter and sweet as well as the beginnings and endings of life.

Paying subtle tribute to the great soul singers of the past, he dips into personal experiences for a journey through life. Touching on failed relationships, dreams and the overall ups and downs of life, he creates a relatable album with collaborations with some great artists.

The album opens with ‘Cats & Dogs’ which features the fantastic Tiffany Wilson. The light and plucky tones of the opening meld with her vocals before Xperience comes in with his smooth wordsmith style. There is a smooth feeling to this single that slides across your shoulders and makes them want to move. Through the RnB infused melody and horns, you are drawn into the lyrics that look at the ups and downs of life. The single looks at these movements of life while infusing you with the sense that things can be better.

‘Ladybugs’ has a different vibe to it as it hits you with a more soulful feeling. There is a grounded feeling to the song that contrasts the pace of the opening track. Xperience’s vocals are more soulful than rap while keeping a great tempo. The lyrics lay out a love song full of good times. There is something about the music that makes you think of reminiscing on a rainy day.

The beats of ‘Saucy’ take you in a new direction compared to what has already come. There is a sultry vibe to this song that washes over you like smoke. The beats grab you from the first moment and carry you through the song. The vocals have an RnB edge to them as they undulate against your ears. There is a hint of old-school RnB stylings in the lower levels of the track, but the use of instrumentation adds a flair of something new.

‘Peacockin’’ has a faster pace with more electronic pulses. The click tones meld with the shuffling beats and the electronic elements for a steady beat that gets your head moving. There is a good vibe to the track that fills you with some lively energy. There is a warmth in the music that bubbles up with the horns and the vocals. You can easily get into a party vibe with the single, but it does not make you want to go crazy on the dance floor. It is packed full of easy party energy.

‘Ms. America (Hold Fast)’ hits you with new energy and some tropical-tinged vocals. The popping beats in the background mix with the vocals for an easy vibe. The easy vibe of the music is a little at odds with the depths of the lyrics. The movement to a more soulful melody is smooth and pulls you where Xperience wants you to go. The change in music for this song highlights the versatility of his musicality and is a wonderful inclusion.

‘Cadillac Ambitions’ melds soaring strings with light piano lines and captivating guitars. The flying opening drops for a deeper vocal performance. This dip brings a sense of reality to the soaring melody that creates a wonderful interplay. The lightness of the music compliments the dreams of the lyrics. Through the song, you are sent into a soaring dreamy soundscape with a thread of reality woven into it.

Xperience Regal Blue '84 cover

The next track is ‘Run It Up’ opens with a vocals snippet which just makes you smile. The piano line rises from beneath the snippet with horns popping through in the back. Xperience’s vocals are a smooth middle line between these instruments. As the song progresses, his performance picks up pace and gets your shoulders moving to his groove. This is a great song and just a lot of fun to listen to with the movements in melody pumping you up only to let you dip.

‘Sibling’ has an interesting melding of beats and piano lines in the opening. The humming vocal line that draws you in has an almost gospel edge to it. Xperience enters so smoothly that you can’t help but fall into his performance. There are these shimmering instrumental lines the zip through the soundscape that just adds something special to the music.

‘With Ya’ is the second track to feature Tiffany Wilson and is just as captivating as the first. While there is a fun vibe to this track, it does not have the same feeling as ‘Cats & Dogs’. There is something more settled about the music and vocals that create a new feeling. Through the lyrics, the pair work through a relationship and its ups and downs. The vocal performance is perfectly blended for a two-sided story which is wonderful when taken with the lyrics.

‘Love & War’ continues to look at relationships, but takes a completely different approach to the last track. There is an effortlessness to this track that just puts it on a different level. The melody pulls you into an easy flow while the vocals smoothly work through the ups and downs of all relationships. Throughout the song, Xperience infuses emotion into each word that leaves you feeling affected by the end. There is a swing within the track from all-encompassing love to questioning whether everything is worthwhile.

The pounding piano line of ‘So Long’ hits you like a train and drags you into the song. The pulse of the drums that comes from the depths adds an emphasis to the lyrics. The vocals have an almost aggressive sadness threaded into it. The falsetto leading to the chorus bolsters the emotional hit of the track as it cuts through your chest. The higher notes that come through later in the track add this unbelievably emotive line to the already brimming melody.

The album ends with ‘Orion’ which has a very interesting opening before you are thrust into a hip-hop beat. The single brings back the rap vocals of the opening track for a wonderful round-off. The urban beats of the track have a light thread of soul woven into the lower levels. This track is the perfect culmination of the album and wraps everything up perfectly.

Xperience takes you on a journey through life and all the ups and downs this includes with his album Regal Blue ’84. The 12-track album not only covers different aspects of life, but it also draws on different musical stylings. Through the album, you are treated to smooth soul, rhythmic raps and the dulcet tones of Tiffany Wilson.

Find out more about Xperience on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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