Svea Lyon – Fun and Games (2020)

Svea Lyon is an up and coming singer-songwriter who has been singing since the first grade. Since her rendition of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, she has come a long way. Her knack for writing catchy melodies and clever lyrics is clear in her latest release.

‘Fun and Games’ is a personal track written about someone Lyon took a chance with and opened up to. The song is about lying to yourself about what really matters.

‘Fun and Games’ has a soft acoustic opening that leads into Lyon’s smooth vocals. The track has a slow and gentle melody allowing the vocals to stand out. The tempo of the track is set more by Lyon’s singing than the instruments highlighting her vocal control and versatility.

The lyrics of the track draw you in from the start. The relationship the song is based on is built at the start of the track. The song then takes on a melancholy tone with a reflective edge to it. The emotive performance of the track adds to this feeling.

Svea Lyon is reflective in ‘Fun and Games’ while drawing you into her mindset through the power of her vocal performance. The track has a simple melody and is powered by her vocal control. The lyrics have a sadness to them while the introspective nature of the song keeps you listening to every note.

Find out more about Svea Lyon on her Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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