Seanloui – Danger (2021)

Bringing together elements of 1980s synth-pop, 1990s R&B and early-2000s alternative hooks, Seanloui is a step out of time. Already an internationally established artist, you might have seen him perform at festivals or heard him on radio stations; however, the US-based musician is really gaining traction among the indie scene with his latest projects noted as an “artist to watch”. The most recent single to his well-received discography is ‘Danger’.

Following his stripped-bad EP Bad Things where Seanloui highlights his rawness and genuineness as an artist, ‘Danger’ adopts a more upbeat tone. Inspired by the likes of Prince and Smokey Robinson, one would imagine a husky and poignant sound, and Seanloui does not disappoint. While this acclaimed singer-songwriter proves he is not to be pigeon-holed, there are slight similarities to Prince in ‘Danger’. It is as if Seanloui grabs Prince’s iconic music slathering it with some John Legend but adding a contemporary groove that is uniquely his own.

Weaving a modern-day tapestry of R&B with pop sentiments, ‘Danger’ has a flowing melodic arrangement that soothes the soul but also turns your head. According to Blake Crawford, the chairman of Saint Aymon Records, Seanloui’s music “…is only the start of a new sound being birthed from his ability to create catchy hooks and mature it in a sound unheard of in today’s music scene.” Originality is so important in this ever-changing music industry, and we must agree that Seanloui’s eclecticism will make him stand out in a crowd. Yet, while ‘Danger’ has you sliding into a soothing sonic swirl, it is the lyricism that enhances the depth of the material.

Known for his high-powered sounds with intimate concepts, ‘Danger’ touches on elements of tragedy, anxiety, heartache, isolation and inner turmoil. The personal narrative exposes his dealings with medical problems placing his career in jeopardy. Seanloui shares that “it was as if my whole world was in turmoil, and I was the cause of everything that was going wrong.” The interesting element of ‘Danger’ is not the poignancy of the track but the juxtaposition of a languid melody and desperate lyricism. The significant intimacy heard in his hushed vocals increase not only the head-bopping ambience but the intense connection with audiences.

For more from Seanloui check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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