Gebrüder Manns – Embrace Your Pain (2021)

Gebrüder Manns are throwing listeners back in time to the late 90s when nu-metal, rap and crossover still dominated the club scene. With their single ‘Embrace Your Pain’, the band blasts pure energy into your veins with a burst of attitude and thrashing music. Bringing aggressive grooves to raw power, the band jumps into an exploration of life in all its brutal beauty.

The band are no newcomers to the music scene with Marie Nielsen (vocals), Karin Schroeder (bass) and Annika Manns (guitar) having played together in the 90s as Cup C. Now, 20 years later, they are joined by Sabine Ahlbrecht (drums) for a blistering sound packed into vocals that move between German, Danish and English. Naivety, love, mania, beauty and optimism all combine for their refreshing sound that brings a touch of retro to a modern scream.

‘Embrace Your Pain’ calls out to you from the depths before blasting into your senses as only good metalcore can. The melody has a blistering pace in the low levels that combines with a pounding flow that has you soaring on the waves of hard rock and metal. The guitars thrum frantic energy into your chest through the verses before soaring and punching on the chorus. It is a rather intense melody that shivers and shakes through you before dropping for a slight reprieve. This moment of ease brings a new feeling to the track as you feel dark tendrils creeping up your back before the guitars blast again.

While you are vibrating with the energy of the melody, the vocals pulse with a punchy movement into your soul. The lyrics acknowledge all the good in the world and how unique we all are while touching on the darker aspects of the world. This turns into a call on the chorus to embrace the negatives in life to ensure you live a full life. It is a poignant message that is pulsed into your soul with a moving vocal performance. The vocals rise with the melody to punch the single into your soul and will have you shouting with the band on the chorus.

Gebrüder Manns brings an important message about acceptance and the brutal beauty of the world to our ears with the engaging ‘Embrace Your Pain’. The single is a delightful pump and pulse of metalcore that vibrates through your veins with a frenetic energy. Nielsen’s vocals punch the message of the track home while getting you shouting with her on the chorus.

Find out more about Gebrüder Manns on their website, Facebook and Spotify.

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