Sylvette – Waiting In The Bliss (2018)

Image credit to Sylvette

Sylvette is a Manchester-based rock band consisting of four members, Charlie Sinclair on vocals and guitar, Ashley Garrod on bass guitar, Oz Tabar on violin and Pete Leaver on drums.  They are influenced by bands such as Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Neutral Milk Hotel.  This is a review of their debut album, Waiting in the Bliss, released in April 2018.

The album kicks off with ‘Sweet Sound’ which is a very soothing mixture of a piano, keyboards and various other soothing instruments; it’s very relaxing.  The track ‘Waiting for the Bliss’ starts off with a great guitar riff, excellent vocals from Charlie, and a soothing violin in the background from Oz.  ‘Rebirth’ begins as a slow melodic rock song, then at approximately one minute into the song, it turns into a heavy chorus with a very catchy beat and brilliant high vocals from Charlie in some areas.

‘Leader’ has very catchy guitar riffs throughout the song, great vocals again from Charlie; the whole band sings beautifully and at 2:28 minutes a brilliant guitar riff kicks in with beautiful violin work from Oz.  ‘Red Green Blue’ starts off as a slow and almost ballad sounding song, beautiful guitar from Charlie, and outstanding vocals and backing vocals.  ‘Hit The Ground’ sounds like a perfect mix of rock and classical, beautiful violin and guitar work and is a well put together piece of music.  The track ‘Mars Song’ has a very catchy sound, Charlie’s vocals sounding almost like David Bowie’s; a catchy guitar sounds and soothing bass line.

Overall, the album is definitely worth checking out and buying.  Very catchy songs and beautiful vocals from the band, it is available to listen to on SoundCloud.  Check it out now!


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