The Parlors – Lemon Ice (2019)

The Parlors are a rock band from New York City, USA. The band consists of brothers Matt and Dan Fullam, Matt DeSilva and Hart Mechlin. The origins of the band date back to the brothers’ elementary school years when the duo started playing music together after their parents gifted Dan a drum set. Already out on June 21st, this is their latest single ‘Lemon Ice’.

The single begins with gentle guitar riffs followed by the vocals. During the vocals, a stronger guitar riff starts and the whole band kicks in. It is a full-blown hard-rock sound with a strong bassline and fast drumming. The vocalist sings about life and experiences he has had, as well as the activities he enjoys doing.

It has a very catchy chorus and an upbeat sound whilst still being hard-rock which sounds awesome. It sounds like a summer rock song. The guitar riffs are very captivating with a strong bassline with and drumming. The vocals are outstanding and, approximately two and a half minutes, it has some spoken words. This is a song that definitely wants you to continue listening.

‘Lemon Ice’ has the potential to be a huge hit and is worth checking out. The single is available on Spotify. You can also enjoy more from The Parlors on their Facebook and Instagram.

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