Tae Brooks – Been A Minute (2020)

Navigating a complicated relationship can be daunting and often leaves you feeling alone. Tae Brooks lets you know that you are not alone and helps you through the emotional journey of these relationships in ‘Been A Minute’. Teaming up with Sanni, he integrates different musical styles to aptly capture and portray the emotions you might be facing.

The single is the first from a collaborative project between the two musicians. Having met in 2016 on the live streaming app YouNow, they have since performed on the same stage at concerts and festivals. Now they have taken their musical relationship to the next level.

‘Been A Minute’ draws you in with an opening that melds electronic pop and hip-hop tones. The sultry flow of the music gives way to a shuffling hip-hop line that shakes up your senses. The rolling beats of the melody are addictive and you can’t help but roll with them. There are some plucking notes that rise from the depths of the melody that give you a little push. This adds an interesting dimension to the flow of the melody and creates a light sonic representation of a complicated relationship.

Brooks’ vocals creep through the melody before drawing your attention. There is a slight electronic edge to the vocals at times that adds an interesting dynamic to them. The interplay between Brooks and Sanni’s vocals creates a wonderful flow to the single. You are able to relax as they flow against your ears and pull you into the lyrics. The lyrics themselves are very relatable and easily infiltrate your senses through the vocal performances.

Tae Brooks teams up with Sanni to walk through the emotional journey of complicated relationships in ‘Been A Minute’. The single has a wonderful flow to the melody that melds hip-hop and electronic stylings. The vocals are smooth and confidently draw you into the emotional journey of the lyrics.

Find out more about Tae Brooks on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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