Sicily Jordan – Gloriana (2020)

Sicily Jordan enthralled us with her anthem to all the love songs that could have been in ‘Lonely Lover’. She is now taking an internal turn for her latest single ‘Gloriana’. Her soulful tones are woven into a catchy melody for a valuation of a youthful soul. Through her beautiful lyricism and iconic melodies, she has you looking inward and shares a part of herself with you.

Creating a listening experience that is personal, relatable and honest, she continues to hook you to her sound. Placing her heart into the Americana sounds of her music, she is able to reach through your speakers or headphones and drape her music over you like a shawl.

A light guitar line draws you effortlessly into ‘Gloriana’. There is a relaxed flow to the melody as it lightly wraps around your senses. The slight increase in the drive of the melody has you rising into the air as you are swept into the folky Americana goodness of the soundscape. Through the movements of the melody, you are transported to a sun-drenched meadow where you can lie back and just absorb the music. The gentle vibe of the melody fills your chest with a light feeling.

As you are transported by the melody, Jordan’s vocals lightly dance across your senses. She has the ability to effortlessly mesmerise you through her performance and draw you into the lyrics. Through her performance, you are filled with a peaceful feeling while wanting to learn more about Gloriana. The harmonisations on the chorus take the single to a new level while offering you a feeling of connection.

Sicily Jordan makes you long to know ‘Gloriana’ with a folk melody and rolling lyricism that mesmerises you from the first second. The gentle melody makes you think of sun-drenched fields as her vocals float over you and dance toward the youthful soul at the heart of the song.

Find out more about Sicily Jordan on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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