Tally Koren – The Garden of Love (2022)

Tally Koren is turning poems into songs for her upcoming album with ‘The Garden of Love’ being a great introduction to this musical endeavour. Based on a William Blake poem, the single creates a beautiful setting for the Blake-inspired lyrics to tug at your heart. Using a blend of folk and pop, she crafts a relaxing soundscape for the poetic lyrics to rest and reach out with their emotive power.

Internationally acclaimed, Koren draws on the skills she has honed as an award-winning singer-songwriter to bring the written words of poets to sonic glory. Her musical ability has seen her perform at some of the biggest venues, including the Royal Albert Hall and the Belgrade Theatre. Koren has also won a Fringe Award for the Best Singer-Songwriter and has been featured on BBC Radio 2.

‘The Garden of Love’ has an almost misty feeling to the opening like you are looking out the window at the fog that hangs over a forest. It is a very soft melody that relaxes every muscle in your body. The guitar lightly plucks at your senses, while the more ambient tones of the melody surround you. The drums shuffle into the melody later in the track, adding a light push, sending you further down the single. As the delicate touch of the music settles on your skin, it seems to draw you down a path leading you into the almost orchestral tones. It is a really beautiful melody that brings the tender touch of poetry to the instrumentation.

As you relax into the melody, Koren’s vocals reach out like the fresh chill of the early morning. Her vocals gently turn your head to the imagery being laid out by the lyrics, while reaching into your soul to tug at your emotions. You can easily hear the poetry of the lyrics as they bring a rather melancholic feeling. On the chorus, her vocals rise and sigh as they draw you into the garden of love. The harmonising backing vocals enhance the softness of the soundscape, while drawing you further into the relaxed vibes of the track.

Tally Koren brings a sighing melancholy to the poetic lyrics of ‘The Garden of Love’, inspired by a poem from William Blake. The melody relaxes your muscles and leads you down the path of the single. The vocals gently wrap the poetic lyrics in a sigh as they bring clear imagery to your mind.

Find out more about Tally Koren on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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