Gillian Rae Perry – A Reminder (2022)

With the intimacy of Joni Mitchell and the obscurity of Amanda Palmer, singer-songwriter Gillian Rae Perry stands out from the rest. Cradling listeners in her whimsical sound, this songstress easily ensnares your senses and captivates your mind. Featured on notable blogs like Rising Artists Music Blog, Find No Enemy, Punk Rocker and Roadie Music, Gillian Rae Perry is reaching audiences on an international level. Releasing three full-length albums in 2021, Perry has certainly been quite busy on the music scene. Now, we take a look at her first single ‘A Reminder’.  

Following her ten-track album The Velveteen Rabbit, ‘A Reminder’ is soft, soothing and calming. The melodic instrumentation is particularly intriguing as Perry combines classical elements with contemporary attitudes. Acoustic-inspired, she reaches out into the simplistic soundscape showing minimalism can be beautiful.

As I mentioned, Perry cradles listeners in her whimsical sound and this is perfectly shown in ‘A Reminder’. From the first moment, the piano-driven single wraps around you like a kaleidoscopic gossamer blanket. As you fall into a comfortable lull, the beautifully textured layers of ‘A Reminder’ sends wispy flits of light through the air making you gasp in excitement.

While the melody has a way of intoxicating a listener, it is the lyricism that highlights Perry’s self-awareness and depth as an artist. Using a personal narrative, she shares her battle with depression and anxiety but executes it in such a dreamy way that you can barely hear any desperation in the track. The melody and her wispy vocals act as a balm for difficult emotions and point out the light at the end of the tunnel.

Symphonic, haunting and hypnotic, ‘A Reminder’ is filled with sincerity, sentimentality and empowerment. If this is anything to go by, Gillian Rae Perry is one to watch!

For more from Gillian Rae Perry, check out her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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