Tang – Broken Promise (2022)

Following on the heels of his cover of Anita Baker’s ‘Caught Up in the Rapture’, Tang serves up his original single ‘Broken Promise’. Written when he was 20 years old and still a university student, the single brings the pain that comes after the end of your first relationship. Using a piano-driven electro RnB flow, the single brings the youthful emotions to life in a delightfully original flair.

While the original single was written in English, Samir Martinez, a Bronx-based artist from Honduras, provided Tang with Spanish lyrics. Although Tang was hesitant to record the Spanish version due to a language barrier, this changed during lockdown, when he found an interest in learning the language. Now, both language versions of the single are available, each bringing something new to the story of the track.

The English version of ‘Broken Promise’ brings some late-night RnB vibes to the melody through the initial piano line. There is a tenderness to the sound that reaches out before the electronic edge takes over. The piano line continues in the low levels of the melody while the synths sweep you into a more traditional RnB movement. Tang’s vocals have a reflective feeling to them and he considers the relationship he had been in. His performance is packed with the pain that comes with the breakdown of a relationship. This turns into a feeling of uncertainty that often follows the end of your first relationship. While the initial vocal performance is packed with not wanting the relationship to end, this turns into a strange understanding that the relationship ending might be the best solution. This has all been wrapped up in some seriously smooth RnB movements.

‘Las Promesas’, the Spanish version of the single uses the same melody that draws you in with rich tones. The initial vocal tones that draw you into Tang’s performance are the same soft tones as the English version. When the main vocal line hits, his voice seems to be smoother and more emotive with the Spanish lyrics. There is something heartbreaking about this version of the track that is not felt as much in the English version. It is like his vocals are reaching into your chest and trying to pull your heart out with the pain and sadness he has infused into the performance. The smooth flow of the delivery is stunning and enhances the RnB flow of the single.

Tang draws us into the pain and sadness that follows the end of your first relationship in ‘Broken Promise’ which has been recorded in both English and Spanish. Both versions of the single have a smooth RnB melody that flows into cool electronic tones, with rich vocals. The Spanish version seems to have a greater depth of emotion that really hits you in the chest more than the English version.

Find out more about Tang on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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