Luxe – Toxic (2021)

Bad relationships are not always that easy to get out of. There are times when you know the relationship is bad for you but there is something that keeps pulling you back in. This has been taken up by Luxe for his aptly titled track ‘Toxic’. Through the blended tones of the music, he considers breaking up and getting back together with someone you know is bad for you.

While diving headfirst into toxic relationships and everything they entail, he also taps into a range of musical influences. To bring this fusion of sounds to life, Luxe is joined by Nick Toews on guitar and Jake Barnes on keys. With throwback vibes and a modern twist, the single offers some insight into what to expect from his upcoming album.

Luxe’s vocals grab your attention in the opening of ‘Toxic’. The melodic flow of the opening vocals gives way to some rap-rock goodness. The movement of his vocals have you bopping your head to his flow before soaring on the melodic chorus. While you ride the waves of his performance, you are hit with the turbulent emotions of a toxic relationship. He brings the anger of being in a toxic relationship to your ears before sliding into the want to hate the other person only to know that you still care for them. There is a delightful push and pull in the vocal performance that highlights the breaking up and getting back together that many people in toxic relationships go through.

As you are drawn into the track by the opening vocals, the melody is gentle beneath it. This drops for some rolling drums that get you tapping to them. When the chorus hits, you are thrown onto a rising flow of guitar that has a real 2000s feel to them. The melody is really engaging and makes you want to turn the volume up. There is a guitar riff later in the track that you should keep an eye on because it is honestly too delightful for its own good.

Luxe takes on bad relationships and the emotions they bring in the aptly titled ‘Toxic’. With a touch of 2000s rock woven into the modern edge, the track keeps you engaged from the first moment to the very last. You may also find yourself singing out with Luxe as you rail against the toxic people in your life.

Find out more about Luxe on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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