Devil Love – Gold Currency (2020)

If you are looking for music that smudges the boundaries between 90s alternative rock and 70s rhythm tones, you have come to the right place. Devil Love mixes sounds with a splash of savvy songwriting for an engaging listening experience with their single ‘Gold Currency’. With a guitar-driven melody, the single brings a new sound and combines it with the expertise and experience of the band members.

Fronted by Peter Buzzelle (vocals, guitar), the band consists of Chuck Ferreira (drums), Ken Rothman (guitar), Jason Raffi (bass) and Josh Cohen (keyboard). Each member has years of experience in the music industry whether in bands or as touring musicians. They have come together to shine a light on the nature of the modern world through their music and get everyone who listens hooked to their sound.

‘Gold Currency’ soars into your brain with a wonderful guitar line. This line is emphasised by the deep beats of the drums that have you propelled into the atmosphere of rock guitar tones. The melody effortlessly draws you into the atmosphere of the track and continues once the vocals hit. There is an easy ride to the music that sweeps you up in 70s style riffs with an edge of alternative rock. As the song progresses, the blending of tones reaches a peak for something that is completely unique and just absolutely wonderful to listen to.

Riding the soaring guitars with you is Buzzelle who wraps an arm across your shoulders with his vocals. There is a feeling of connection and friendship in his performance that matches the ease of the music. His vocals have a very 70s edge to them as they untether you from the ground and pull you ever higher. Through the lyrics, your mind is set free and will soar over landscapes while filling you with a sense of inner peace.

Devil Love has you riding soaring guitars while feeling a sense of companionship through the vocals of ‘Gold Currency’. There is a wonderful sense of peace that comes with the track as the lyrics release you from the shackles of the world. The soaring guitar lines merge with the vocals for a flying journey.

Find out more about Devil Love on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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