Tenuous Threads – Controlled Landing (2020)

Hailing from the east coast of Australia, Tenuous Threads is the brainchild of indie-rock singer-songwriter, well, Tenuous Threads. Making waves on an international scale, this innovative and exciting artist has been featured in notable blogs like Eat This Rock and Eat This Metal. Making his debut with the five-track EP Crypsis, TT is set to take 2020 by storm – or as much storm as you can get during a global pandemic. While a new artist on the scene, TT is quickly building a reputation for engaging, honest and quirky music. He rounds off 2020 with the release of ‘Controlled Landing’.

One of the more exciting emerging artists of 2020, at least in my opinion, Tenuous Threads showcases his versatility as a singer, songwriter and producer in ‘Controlled Landing’. Using experimental layering of synths and haunting vocals, the track produces a dreamy ambient atmosphere. The dreaminess and “floating on a cloud” feeling is enhanced by distorted vocals; however, TT brings you down to Earth with heavy metal guitars and drums. The transition between wistfulness and reality is effortlessly done with an eclectic grace. Rounding everything off with a simple piano, ‘Controlled Landing’ is a testament to TT’s versatility and uniqueness.

Beguiling from the first chord, Tenuous Threads takes you on a musical journey in ‘Controlled Landing’. Melodic in its madness, this is a track you can listen to over and over again while it grips your soul and carries you off to another world.

For more from Tenuous Threads check out his Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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