Andreas Stone – Hungry Heart (2020)

If you need some help remembering the good times, Andreas Stone is here for you. His single ‘Hungry Heart’ is all about remembering the good times and doing what you can to keep them alive. Taking you into the Rocky Mountains for this, he uses a storyteller’s eye for detail to wrap you in his soundscape. Using the tale of young love, he will open even the most jaded of hearts.

Music is something Stone has always been interested in and he has spent years learning everything he could. During this time, he has also honed his skills for the smooth and polished performance he now greets the ears of listeners with. His emotive performances and adventurous style make it impossible not to be swept into his sound.

‘Hungry Heart’ sets an expansive tone with the opening piano lines. The opening melody is like a light breeze floating over the peak of a mountain. This turns into a catchier pop melody that soars through you and sends you flying. There is something encompassing about the melody that you get swept up in. The faster notes that hit after the chorus create an upbeat vibe for the track which matches the lyrics and messaging of the song. Through the melody, your chest is filled with the good times and the light feeling they create.

Stone’s vocals have a free feeling to them as they fly across your ears. He effortlessly draws you into the tale of the lyrics while filling each word with emotions. You can feel the happiness and lightness of the early days of a relationship that were full of good times. While there are a lot of positive vibes, resting in the lower levels is an almost wistfulness to have those good times again. This is tempered with the idea that you need to work to keep these good times alive.

Andreas Stone wraps you in bittersweet emotions through the storytelling and soaring melody of ‘Hungry Heart’. Focusing on the good times, he fills you with bliss only to temper that with the idea that they are gone. The encompassing soundscape and engaging vocals will thaw even the coldest heart and fill it with potential and hope.

Find out more about Andreas Stone on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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