Tess Posner – Love You Enough To Change (2021)

Vulnerability, sensitivity, emotional openness – these are all traits that are important in self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-growth. While these characteristics are significant to develop as a person, many people in modern society view them as weak and indicative of being a failure. Au contraire, my friend! To love yourself you must identify the most intimate parts of yourself and Tess Posner is all about exposing these intimacies.

A powerful, independent star from the USA, this California-based musician brings her own flair to contemporary indie-pop. Using harmonic vocals and haunting melodies, she takes us on journeys into some provocative themes. Featured in YMX, Sinusoidal Music, Right Chord Music and various online radio stations, Posner is turning heads on an international scale. One of her latest releases is the single ‘Love You Enough To Change’.

We were introduced to Posner with her single ‘Something Told Me’ (read our review here) and now we’re looking at another profound piece in ‘Love You Enough To Change’. As part of the all-female album Feem Frequency, Posner explores the paradoxical psychological aspects within ourselves. She shares that “…I wrote this song about the paradox of change. It’s only in loving parts of ourselves that feel unlovable can we truly open to the magic of it.” The saying of it always being darkest before dawn is definitely evident in this complex theme.

As with her previous work, Posner once again adopts a melancholic, haunting and dark sound in ‘Love You Enough To Change’. Yet, there is a strong sense of hopefulness and optimism in the melody and lyricism. The incorporation of an acoustic piano within synth-based pop reflects vulnerability and sensitivity within oneself. What I find particularly intriguing is how the song simply ends – no outro, merely an abrupt ending from a flowing melodic arrangement. Posner shares that “…love can change even the parts of ourselves we think are completely stuck forever. Love is a force opening up the possibilities of new life, growth and magic.” I like to believe that the intricate melody represents that opening up with the abrupt end being the new change, like a bright light at the end of a trying experience. Just boom and there you go.

Along with the single, Tess Posner released an official lyric video for ‘Love You Enough To Change’. Please note that this video uses lighting effects that can trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.


For more from Tess Posner check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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