The Classic Kids – Better Days (2018)

The Classic Kids are a New York-based band and recently released a video for their new single ‘Better Days’.  The video is a perfect match to the song, with the song being about trying to make the world a better place and spreading peace and love.  In the video, the band walk around New York City sharing the love with everyone they pass, saying hello and giving people gifts and high fives.  It also shows a lot of scenery around New York, which is beautiful.

A unique part of the video that integrated with real life is when they leave little messages around for people to read saying stuff like ‘better’, ‘you are beautiful inside and out’, and ‘you’re wonderful’, which I think is spreading a good message.  Making people feel better is something we need more of in this world.  The band adds humour to the video by walking around with a big gold balloon featuring a smiley face on it, which is brilliant!

The video is available now to check on YouTube (and below).  Watch it and I guarantee you will feel better.

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The Classic Kids – ‘Better Days’ (2018)

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