The County Affair – Bourbon Breakfast (2021)

The County Affair are grappling with some heavy topics in their single ‘Bourbon Breakfast’. Delving into the lonely side of alcoholism, they consider how this can lead to life falling apart and the loss of who you used to be. With a slow and moody soundscape, the band has you in a reflective mood as they pack the heavy emotions onto your shoulders.

This heavy consideration comes from childhood best friends Kevin and Tony who grew up around Irish country music and the emergence of country-rock in the 70s. While they played every show possible in their teen years, they have come back together after 30 years of separation. Crafting Americana-influenced folk-rock songs, they tackle the struggles of life and the obstacles many of us face.

‘Bourbon Breakfast’ draws you in with a rich and luxurious sound. While you can easily close your eyes and float on the river of the music, there is a moodiness to it that is really contemplative. It fills you with a sense of lonely detachment from the world while warming you from the inside. It is an interesting contrast of emotions that works wonderfully with the lyrics. The different instruments weave together to form a rich tapestry of sound that settles on your skin in the best way. There is a touch of Americana mixed with some light country-rock tones.

As you sink into the richness of the melody, the vocals are whiskey warm and so smooth. While the performance is as rich as the melody, the emotions shake you from the inside out. There is a sad accounting of the need for alcohol that turns into a pained understanding that it is not helping at all. As the song progresses, the sense of detachment from the rest of the world becomes heavier while the knowledge that this is a losing game becomes clearer. This is a really wonderful single that is all rich moody tones, sad understandings and bone-deep emotions.

The County Affair have you sinking into their rich sound while delving into the loneliness of alcohol with ‘Bourbon Breakfast’. The soundscape is a contrast of rich warmth and lonely detachment. The vocals heighten the emotions and have them resting heavily on your shoulders.

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