Track of the Day: Charlotte Hall – Braid

Having crossed our virtual desk a couple of times in the past year, we are aware of who Charlotte Hall is. Truthfully, she is also one of my favourite “recurring” artists. A fusion of Shania Twain, KT Tunstall and Mumford & Sons, Hall encapsulates the intimacy of folk music with a twinge of contemporary pop. Featured on Turtle Tempo, YMX Music Bog, BBC Introducing, Pillar Artists, Roadie Music, Rising Artists Blog and iHeart Radio, Hall is gaining a strong following on a global scale. The latest addition to her critically acclaimed repertoire is ‘Braid’.

Following her singles ‘Apathy’ (read our review here) and ‘Stratosphere’, ‘Braid’ is Hall’s third single of 2021. Collaborating with Dave Gerhart (bass guitar, percussion, drums and violin), the new single has a hint of rock interwoven into her folk sound. Kaleidoscopic to say the least, ‘Braid’ has a beautifully arranged melody offering each instrument prominence but coming together as a united tune. What I particularly enjoy is the incorporation of Gerhart’s violin adding a “spiciness” to the smooth single.

Touching on wholesome friendship and genuine relationships, Hall shares that ‘Braid’ is “…about a friendship, in particular, during 2018; we were staying together during rehearsals for the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival…I was already good friends with this person but I felt we came away a lot closer as a result.” With her charming vocals, Hall not only showcases the tenderness of the friendship but also the joy radiating from their friendship. It’s not easy to see the fragility behind a jovial song while retaining an overall cheeriness, but Hall seems to do just that.

Stepping outside of her comfort zone, ‘Braid’ demonstrates Hall’s versatility and innovativeness as an artist. With her signature husky voice and acoustic guitar, there is a simplicity to the melody aligned with the delicate message. This song was written as a tribute to friendship and it is a sonic representation of the theme. I hope we all find a friend who makes us feel as cheerful as I felt when listening to ‘Braid’.

For more from Charlotte Hall check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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