The Deadnotes – ‘Cling To You’ (2018)

German indie-punk band, The Deadnotes, released their new single ‘Cling To You’, along with a video, at the end of November 2018.

The track starts with a guitar riff, and then the whole band kicks in. The bass line is solid, the vocals kick in and are great.  It’s about worldly things that won’t help you find happiness, and you have to be happy in yourself as no amount of money is going to do that for you.  It’s something we can all, at some point in our lives, relate to.  The drumming is brilliant, and the guitar riffs are amazing.  The whole band seem to work well together.

It’s an extremely catchy song; it has a smooth rock sound with some heavy parts.  They sound a lot like My Chemical Romance, so if you’re a fan then you will love this, the singer sounds exactly like Gerard Way.  This single is exceptionally catchy and a fun little rock single that is very heartfelt and relatable.  It’s worth checking out and buying.

To enjoy more of The Deadnotes music, check out their Facebook.  You can also check out their upcoming European tour via their official website.

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