The Yacht Club – The Last Words That You Said To Me Kept Me Here And Safe (2019)

Image courtesy of The Yacht Club

The Yacht Club is a rock band from London UK.  They are Marcus Gooda (vocals and guitar), Jack Holland (vocals and guitar), Alex Bramwell (bass and backing vocals), and Alexandra Esp (drums, keyboard, piano, and backing vocals).  Their new album is out on the 25th January 2019, via Beth Shalom Records. 

The album starts with the track ‘Be Happy And Love Pt2’.  It begins with an eerie sound; then guitar riffs kick in, the vocals follow and are great.  It’s a soft rock song, and it’s a song about losing someone that you really cared about and miss them a lot.  The track ‘Heigham Park’ has a heavy bass line, keyboard sounds and great guitar riffs.  The vocals are brilliant, and the lyrics are about memories.  He is reminiscing about things that he misses about someone. 

‘Postmark’ starts with gentle guitar riffs and a beat; the vocals start and are amazing.  He sings about missing someone and being sad when they think about them and feeling down whenever they pass their door.  The track ‘Glue’ has beautiful guitar riffs at the start, the vocals are so soft and soothing, it has a gentle rock sound.  He sings about wanting to be there for someone and be the glue that holds them together when they feel like they’re falling apart. 

The track ’21’ starts with gentle guitar riffs, then the rest of the band kicks in.  The vocals sound brilliant, and it’s got a catchy rock sound.  It’s about remembering someone and looking back on good times.  It’s got an extremely heavy bass line which sounds great.  ‘Get Your Damn Hands Off Her!’ has great guitar work and beautiful vocals.  The bass is very strong, and the drums are amazing.  He sings about wanting to say something to someone, but it hurts too bad. 

The track ‘Hopeless’ starts with an epic guitar and bass line that is very catchy; the vocals are amazing, and the drums are great.  It’s about loving someone, and he sings about love hurting.  ‘In Amber’ starts with drums then the guitar and bass kick in followed soon by the vocals.  It’s about remembering when he was young and the past, and he sings about missing someone. 

The track ‘Broken Things’ has gentle guitar sounds at the start, the vocals and the beat kick in.  The vocals are amazing, and the bass line is strong, and the drums are great.  It’s a very soft and soothing song.  ‘Be Happy And Love Pt3’ starts with the whole band, and it’s very catchy; he sings about someone he’s lost and he sings about putting flowers on their grave.  The bass line is very heavy which is great; the drumming is really good.

The album is a great rock album, and even though it’s about losing someone, you love it.  It has a very good feeling to it in the sense that you can kick back and relax to the gentle sounds of soft rock.  The album is out on 25th January 2019.

For more from The Yacht Club, check out their Facebook and BandCamp.  You can pre-order The Last Words That You Said To Me Kept Me Here And Safe from The Yacht Club’s BandCamp.  You can also listen to and purchase their latest single, also on the new album, using the iTunes above.

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