The DePatie Melt ft Don Randi & Jody Bagley – I’ll Miss You (2021)

If you are looking for a single that pulls on years of experience while turning songwriting norms on its head, you are in the right place. The DePatie Melt brings an unconventional musical form to the engaging vocals of ‘I’ll Miss You’. Featuring Don Randi, one of the most recorded keyboardists in history, and singer Jody Bagley, the single has you hooked from start to end.

Partially inspired by Queen, the single uses a guitar-driven melody to perfection while combining it with short and stunning vocals. The moving guitar melody is provided by John DePatie, the driving force behind this musical project. As the first single from the project, this one is really laying down what you can expect in the future.

The piano opening ‘I’ll Miss You’ has a cinematic and epic feeling to it. When the guitar calls out against the piano, it beckons you further into the track like the first rays of light cutting through a gentle fog. There is a story in the guitar line that touches your heart and lightly tugs. You can feel the emotion woven into each note as it sings against the piano line. There is a tenderness to the piano line that brings a sombre edge to the melody. The two instruments intertwine with a precision and delicacy that showcases the musicality of both DePatie and Randi.

While the vocals come in late, this does not mean that they are not as important as the piano and guitar. The instruments start to fill you with the emotions of the track and put you on the path that leads you to the vocals. Bagley’s performance is a heavy emotional hit that chokes you up with the beauty of the feelings he brings. The short vocals have an amazing impact on the overall track while enhancing everything the instrumentation started.

‘I’ll Miss You’ is a song quite unlike any other with a tender story written in the instrumentation and a heavy emotional hit from the vocals. The DePatie Melt with the help of Don Randi and Jody Bagley show that you don’t need a big production to hit listeners with an emotional sledgehammer. They also highlight the impact a change in songwriting can make.

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