Baseball Hat – Up All Night (2021)

A lot of people are feeling the anticipation of things opening up and have started to wonder what they will do when the time comes. Baseball Hat are in this position and bring a bit of the fun they are waiting for to our ears with ‘Up All Night’. With a positive vibe, they bring a dancing melody that makes you think about all the fun you could have once the world is open again.

The lively and upbeat vibes of the music come from Harrison Smith and John Sygar who both write and produce Baseball Hat. Formed during the pandemic, they have been streaming live shows on Twitch to get their music out. After getting their COVID vaccines and considering what they want to dance to when things open up, they laid down this single which brings a touch of hope, anticipation and fun to your ears.

‘Up All Night’ has you smiling from the first word. There is a lively and youthful feeling to the lyrics that make you think about partying with friends. This is tempered by a hopeful longing for these times to come back and a wondering of what that will be like. The vocals have a friendly feeling to them like your friends are telling you what they are thinking and you can’t help but imagine it. The movement of the vocals bounces against your head to match the beats of the melody. The lyrics are also really catchy and you will be singing them long after the song has ended.

While the vocals have you smiling, the melody is sure to get you moving to its upbeat rhythm. The music has this great vibe to it that creeps neon lights into your veins. While you want to dance around to it, there is a chilled feeling that makes you happy and feeling full of positivity. The jangle of the guitars shimmy over the moving beats for a really fun listening experience.

Baseball Hat have you smiling, thinking about fun times with friends and singing along to ‘Up All Night’. The melody has a dancing feel that is chilled yet captivating. This is perfectly combined with fresh and friendly vocals that really stick in your brain.

Find out more about Baseball Hat on their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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