Old Man Soul Club – Keeper of Yesterday (2021)

While many people are focusing on the fact that the end of the pandemic seems to be in sight, the negative emotions we have all felt remain. Old Man Soul Club are here with an offering of fun and spontaneity that will lift your spirit in ‘Keeper of Yesterday’. Using a completely DIY mindset, the band brings a sense of impromptu happiness to our ears.

The spine of the single was originally recorded on a phone as an accompaniment to children dancing around the house. Using this as the base, the rest of the single was built around it. With a touch of Beatles influences resting under a nonchalance vocal that is reminiscent of Blur, the band has you grooving to their sound.

‘Keeper of Yesterday’ uses a really catchy guitar line to pull you into the track. The twanging guitar that meets it has a real bluesy vibe to it as it warbles through the higher levels of the melody. When the chorus hits, there is an increase in instrumentation but the easy feeling of the music remains. This brings an almost hazy feeling to the melody that is mixed with some really fun movements. The melody easily lifts your spirits while offering you an almost psychedelic slide of blues.

While you slide along the melody, the vocals bring a strange contrast to your ears. The lyrics have good vibes in them and an uplifting feeling while the vocals have this careless nonchalance that tempers it. It is the perfect way to bring the light of good times in the future to the negative vibes currently being felt. The East End accent just adds to the overall vibes of the vocal performance. This contrast is so relatable and easy to fall into making the single more engaging. The lyrics also have a really great storytelling quality to them that you can connect with on another level.

Old Man Soul Club bring a contrast of nonchalance and good vibes in ‘Keeper of Yesterday’. The interplay of emotions is one that most of us can relate to in some way while the music is catchy in its easiness. With bluesy slides, bouncing tones and slightly detached vocals, you can easily have this song on repeat.

Find out more about Old Man Soul Club on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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