The Figurants – Lint-Trap Ghost (2021)

Not only have the Figurants kept us captivated with his tale of twins and its inevitable sad end in ‘Phantom Twin’, but he also had us getting down to his sound with his OSR Live Session. With his latest release ‘Lint-Trap Ghost’, he is diving into the tale of a time traveller who accidentally sets his time machine to return 40 years later than intended. Using his usual flair of indie rock, the single considers the ramifications the time traveller has to face.

As we have come to expect, the single is an absolute delight of storytelling lyrics and engaging melodics. Matt McClure, the man behind the sound, has an amazing ability to effortlessly draw you into the story of his music while moving to his wonderful rhythm. With a touch of sadness and overwhelming crisis, the single will have you feeling for the time traveller and his family while enjoying their story a little too much.

‘Lint-Trap Ghost’ opens with a rich toe-tapping sound that has you swaying to the rhythm. There are layers to the sound with a line hovering over the almost marching tone of the beats. This creates a haziness to the track that gets a darker edge when the guitar makes itself known. As the single moves through the verses and chorus, there is an ebb and flow to the arrangement with the layered haziness of the verses giving for a building tension on the chorus. It is a wonderful way to emphasise the story of the lyrics and the push of the vocals.

As you move to the melody, the vocals effortlessly draw you into the story of the track. While you are not introduced to the time traveller in the lyrics, you are dropped into the deep end of the ramifications of his actions. There is a light feeling to the opening verse but this quickly turns when the chorus hits and the accusations of the second verse make their way into your ears. The vocals pick up this change perfectly as they become angrily dismissive as the single progresses. There is so much to love in this track that you can’t help but enjoy every moment.

The Figurants confront you with the repercussions of time travel misadventures in the somewhat dark tones of ‘Lint-Trap Ghost’. The melody has an ebb and flow over the verses and chorus that highlight the layering of the arrangement. This also brings an emphasis to the vocals that move from light to angry and dismissive as the full repercussions of the tale hit.

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