The Frisky Gypsys – It’s Just Life (2020)

Life goes through a lot of ups and downs that we all need to ride out. This journey through the good and bad forms the basis of ‘It’s Just Life’ by The Frisky Gypsys. Through their rustic sound, the band encourages an understanding of the flow of life and the knowledge that things will be okay. By the end of the single, you are filled with the sense that life never stops and we need to face it head-on.

This acceptance of the rollercoaster of life comes from Steven Hamilton and Robert Kirkpatrick. After spending years travelling around Europe, Hamilton draws inspiration from busking for the band’s unique folk sound. The gypsy-like nature of this forms the core of the sound that will get you hooked and wanting more.

‘It’s Just Life’ opens with an easy flowing melody. The twanging guitars of the opening combine with a rustic lower flow for a layered melody. The overall melody structure is quite unique and offers a start-stop feeling at times. The movement makes you think about listening to buskers and the pace of the city moving around you. While the busking core is clear in the melody, there is something more resting within the music. Through the melody, you are drawn into the ups and downs of life and the sense that life continues to move forward regardless of the roadblocks you face.

This sense is enhanced by Hamilton’s vocals. His vocals pull you into the journey of understanding with a rough edge. The backing vocals and harmonisations add to the rustic sound of the music. You can almost imagine the band playing this song while sitting around a fire. Through the lyrics, you are filled with the understanding that life can be hard, but you can make it through anything as long as you face it head-on. The vocals offer encouragement to do this and fill you with a sense of purpose.

The Frisky Gypsys use their rustic sound to help you understand the flow of life and that things will be okay in ‘It’s Just Life’. The melody has a great fire-side vibe that is enhanced by the vocals. Hamilton’s vocals are encouraging while helping to shed light on the struggles of life.

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