The Horse Puppets – Until Next Year (2020)

The Horse Puppets got us excited about their sound with their album Sorry For The Inconvenience. They are now hitting us with their unconventional Christmas song ‘Until Next Year’. Drawing on the upheaval of the last year, the melancholy-tinged single offers some hope for the future. Focusing on the difficulties we have all faced, the mellow vocals and gliding melody focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Reflecting the frustration and sadness that many feel right now, the single is a highly relatable Christmas tune. The isolation of this festive season comes through in the music, but this is tempered with an understanding that things are likely to get better.

‘Until Next Year’ opens with a very mellow melodic line. The movement of the melody has a hypnotic flow that you easily fall into. The spell of the melody is enhanced by the piano line that grabs you head and moves you in the way the band wants. The light tones that flutter down from the top levels of the melody as snowy and have a soft feeling to them. The melody is stripped-back allowing you to connect with the raw honesty of the tones and the vocals.

The vocals bring the melancholy to the single, but there is also something hopeful resting in the chorus. The lyrics and vocal delivery bring the Christmas feeling which is not as abundant in the melody. The weariness felt within the vocals make this a rather unconventional Christmas song as it avoids the jovial vibes these songs generally have. If you are looking for a festive single that captures the weariness of the year and hope for the future, this is the song you want.

The Horse Puppets wrap you in the melancholic sounds of their unconventional Christmas song ‘Until Next Year’ with a mellow melody and delicate vocals. The music puts you under their spell while the vocals are filled with a weary hope for the future.

Find out more about The Horse Puppets on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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