Arliston – I Have No Honour (2019)

Arliston is an alternative/indie-rock band from Whitechapel, England. They released their single ‘I Have No Honour’ on June 14th 2019.

The track has a very slow beat, along with guitar riffs and followed by the vocals. It’s a very slow and relaxing sound The song is about not having any honour or patience, and he sings about where he should be. It also has a very gentle rock sound with a slight pop feel.

‘I Have No Honour’ has autotuned vocals throughout with a very strong bass line and adds to the summer-y feel. If you think a Kanye West or Drake feeling, but with soft rock, then you’re close to the style of this track. It’s very unusual but in a good way.

Arliston’s single is out now on SoundCloud and Spotify. You can also engage with Arliston via Facebook, Instagram and the official website.

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