Fleurr – I’m Just Being Honest (2020)

Fleurr used her ethereal vocals to captivate us with her look at love in ‘Fireflies’. She is now turning her powers to being vulnerable and honest with yourself and other people in ‘I’m Just Being Honest’. Through the single, she considers the emotional impact of being open with yourself and letting other people know how you feel. She also questions the other person about whether they are willing to be vulnerable as well.

Saying how you feel and being transparent with your emotions can be daunting or downright scary. This is something that comes through in the single as Fleurr draws you into the emotional impact of new connections with others.

The opening of ‘I’m Just Being Honest’ is very interesting as it swirls around your head. However, this drops to a more atmospheric and rain-drop melody. There are these light notes that gently drop while the beats and darker atmospheric vibes rise from the depths. These layers combine for a rich and lush soundscape with a lot of depth. The darker synths meld with the lighter tones for a sonic representation of the emotional state when vulnerable with another. The melody has a deep neo-soul thread woven into the more pop sounds.

While the melody forms a thick emotional pulse, Fleurr’s vocals are a ghostly layer over it. There is a haunting edge to her vocals as they float over the pulses of the melody. Her delivery adds to the atmospheric feeling of the melody. As her voice haunts you, she exposes her vulnerable side and asks for reciprocation. While a fairly straightforward single, there is something about it that resonates deeps in your chest.

Fleurr reveals her vulnerable side and asks for her emotional transparency to be returned in the depths of ‘I’m Just Being Honest’. The single has a rich melody that swirls under her haunting and atmospheric vocals. This combines with the straightforward lyrics that open the emotions and leave you feeling exposed.

Find out more about Fleurr on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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