The Institutes – Heal In Time (2020)

Given their growing success, strong reputation and loyal following, it is hard to believe that this Coventry quartet are only two years old. Formed in 2018, The Institutes began taking indie-rock to a new level in the UK. Described as ‘spellbinding’ by This Feeling, Reid Currie (vocals), Andy Hall (guitar and vocals), Andy Lowe (bass) and Kirk Savage (drums) hypnotise their listeners with a raw, honest and anthemic tracks. The latest addition to their repertoire is the melodious single ‘Heal In Time’.

Receiving coverage from BBC Radio 6 and Radio X, ‘Heal In Time’ is a real crowd-pleaser. The combination of Currie’s enigmatic vocals with dynamic instrumentation, in the style of Oasis, makes for a harmonious tune. Finding the balance between complex lyrics and intricate melodies, ‘Heal In Time’ is a well-crafted piece of 21st Century indie-rock.

Having recently signed a deal with New Rival Records in the USA, The Institutes are sharing their music on an international level. I know, I know, technically streaming platforms make music accessible on a global level, but signing a record deal is another thing altogether. The lads from Coventry are set to tour the US in 2021 (let us hope the pandemic doesn’t delay dates). With their emotive and addictive tracks, it is easy to say that The Institutes are holding their own and well on the way to stardom.

You can find out more about The Institutes on their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Spotify.

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