The Islas – Last Time Forever (2020)

The Islas are following up from their last single ‘Close’ with a search for positivity in ‘Last Time Forever’. The single was written during the darkest time of the lockdowns in the UK. Lead vocalist Nathan Baverstock formed the idea of the single while in a fairly dark place where he had lost all his positivity. While the single touches on his emotions at the time, it is relatable as we have all been in a similar place at some time.

The melody came together when Baverstock heard a guitar riff Ross Allen (lead guitar) had. After singing along to it, Baverstock soon had a draft for the song and the rest is history. Together with Granger Wittering (bass, backing vocals) and Ed Chalu (drums), they created something a little different from their usual sound.

The opening of ‘Last Time Forever’ creates the dark space that the emotions of the song rest in. The soft melodic lines have a desolate feeling to them that makes you think of dark times. This gently gives way to something more hopeful after the chorus with a higher melodic line. The high tones have a searching feeling to them as they reach out of the dark for something positive. The shift in tone is so subtle and really showcases the musicality of the band.

Baverstock’s vocals carry the desolate feeling of the melody when they enter. On the chorus, he starts the search for something positive before the melody does. There is a softness to his performance that enhances the emotive hit. Combined with the melody, his vocals make you think of cold weather chilling your skin only to be warmed once you are inside.

The Islas search for positivity through ‘Last Time Forever’ as it reaches out of the dark for the good that is yet to come. The melody fills you with a desolate vibe from the start only to subtly shift to something more hopeful. The gentle vocals are a light caress against your ears and fill you with emotion.

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