Tuomo – Unconditionally (2021)

Communication is the key to healthy relationships but talking about emotions is not always as easy as it seems. With his single ‘Unconditionally’, Tuomo considers this through the lens of two people who care deeply for each other but have problems intellectualising their emotions. Using a delicate poise, he takes us on an exciting journey filled with hooks, textures and masterful sounds.

While Tuomo has composed and played for a range of internationally recognised bands, his solo music has a more evolving feeling. With each track, he takes another step in his own musical journey while helping listeners traverse the emotions and situations they find themselves in. His solo work has seen him with a local Grammy and his debut album when gold in Finland.

Tuomo’s bright vocals open ‘Unconditionally’ with a touch of soulfulness. The soulful flow of his voice gives way to a light autotune edge that has you floating in the ether. There is an interesting flow to his vocal performance as it whispers only to pulse with power. This is a great sonic representation of the emotions in a relationship when there is a lack of communication. The easy floating moments are when everything is going well only to pulse with a slight tone of aggression when there are misunderstandings from poor communication. These emotions wonderfully wrap around the lyrics that add a certain poise to the overall performance.

The emotional nuances of the vocals are enhanced by the arrangement of the melody. The electronic soundscape is packed with different melodic elements that cascade into each other for a waterfall of sound. The warm drums build up the low levels while the skittering synth notes pull at your senses on a higher level. The keyboard lines make an appearance in the middle layer and just finishes everything off perfectly. There is a build-up of sound close to the end of the track that leads to a paced end of masterful emotional wrangling.

With a somewhat experimental electronic soundscape, Tuomo captures the emotions of a lack of communication while filling you with the warmth of love in ‘Unconditionally’. While his vocals offer a soulful slide into autotuned edging, the melody builds a layered approach to relationships. Each layer offers an emotional level only to burst with warmth at the end.

Find out more about Tuomo on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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