Brad and Tre – Red Tape (2021)

Throughout our lives, we are given advice that doesn’t make sense and is often unsolicited. This is something Brad and Tre have drawn on for their single ‘Red Tape’ as it offers an honest reflection on this unsolicited advice at a time when it becomes suddenly relevant. Blowing off the dust of the past, the duo intertwines blues with a touch of metal and some alt-country sensibilities.

The duo brings a touch of the Wild West to your ears with their sound as it crawls out of the ashes of rock-n-roll for a folky twist. With a rumble and tumble, they have you lost in their reflections while touched by their honesty. If you are looking for a song that taps into those thoughts and emotion that pop up at the most random times, this might just be the one for you.

‘Red Tape’ has a wonderfully earthy feeling to the acoustic guitar that opens it. The melody has this great flow that effortlessly draws you into the feeling of the track. The soothing movement of the melody helps the lyrics and vocals hit harder as you sink into the honest reflections laced into them. While it is a rather minimalistic melody, the emotion that has been woven into the arrangement is wonderful.

As you rest on the melody, the vocals are like a phoenix rising from the ashes. This is a combination of the exquisite performance and the honest lyrics. Together they sink into your chest where the emotions they call forth expand as the single continues. There is an interesting play on emotions in the vocals as you feel a pained plea and an understanding of needing to move on. The realisation washing the single has an untold depth to it that you can’t help but enjoy.

The accompanying music video brings the power of the lyrics and music to a new level. Continuing the relative simplicity of the melody, the video sees Brad and Tre outside playing the guitar and singing. The stripped-back visuals enhance the emotional impact of the track and leave you in awe of what the duo is capable of. With just an acoustic guitar and vocals, they send you into a carefully woven world of realisations and emotions.

Brad and Tre use a stripped-back soundscape to reflect and fill you with interwoven emotions in ‘Red Tape’. With a carefully crafted simplicity, they sink the emotions of the single deep into your chest where they continue to grow. The accompanying music video enhances the emotional impact through the minimalist visuals.

Find out more about Brad and Tre on their YouTube and Spotify.

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