Don Knock – Copenhagen (20 Hour Rendezvous) (2020)

There are a lot of interesting people you can meet when you travel. On his first trip to Europe, Don Knock met a young lady from Copenhagen who he spent some time with and who inspired his new single ‘Copenhagen (20 Hour Rendezvous)’. While this young lady was the main inspiration for the track, it draws on everything he experienced while travelling.

The story of this single is portrayed using his smooth melodies and worldly production. While working as a producer, Don Knock developed his voice and sound over time. While he never intended to release this single, we are glad he did as it offers some of those vibes you might just need right now.

‘Copenhagen (20 Hour Rendezvous)’ has these ambient sounds at the start that draw you into the track. These sounds form the basis of the melody, but there are these piano notes that lightly come into play and add a new dimension to the sound. The shuffling beats that come in hook you and drive you through the song. The melody seems minimalistic at the start, but there is a lot going on. The layers are introduced and melded with a subtlety that offers you a rich soundscape to get lost in.

Don Knock’s vocals smoothly enter over the ambient sounds to set the scene of the story. The gentle flow of his performance is an interesting counterpoint to the deep beats of the melody. The chorus has this catchy feeling that you can’t help but get into. His performance is reminiscent of that easing after a summer trip as you relax back and remember all the fun you have had.

Don Knock hits you with chilled and positive vibes with his smooth single ‘Copenhagen (20 Hour Rendezvous)’. The single has a smooth flow to it as you ease through the story. The song is like the relaxation you feel after a great holiday.

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