The Kecks – Tonight Might Be Different (2021)

When The Kecks emerged from lockdown, they came bearing the gift of their latest track ‘Tonight Might Be Different’. With a swagger, the single catches you in a web of dirty disco grooves while considering how life is an utter shambles but we live in eternal hope that things can be different. Slicing through the soundscape with a fierce edge, the track is both danceable while encapsulating the frustrated yet hopeful energy most of us feel.

The single follows on from the rather dramatic heartbreak ballad ‘All for Me’ and shows a different side to the band. If the music itself does not get you hooked to their sound and into the dancing edge of the track, the music video just might. Cut together by cinematographer and director Andy Ray Lemon, it brings a patched together visual that offers a hit of psychedelic effects while pushing the narrative of the track.

The opening flows of ‘Tonight Might Be Different’ grab your attention while pulling you into a lightly psychedelic soundscape. There is a slightly retro vibe to the music that is tempered by the modern edge of their music. The drums tap against your ears while the guitars pluck at your senses to draw you in different directions. As the song continues, the instrumentation hits you with a dirty disco that twirls around you before the guitar comes to draw you up and away. There is an infinitely danceable movement to the low levels of the melody while the higher levels make you want to close your eyes and gentle twirl.

As the melody gets you in the psychedelic disco movement, it is the vocals that bring the web of frustration and hope. The heady flow of the vocals as they enter brings a weighted feeling to the song like the air pressure is pushing down on you. The questions of the lyrics have you turning around in circles and wondering which way is forward. There is a pleading at times to the vocals before a feeling of being overwhelmed. This all leads to a hopeful whisper that this might be different tonight. The rise of frustration picks up again after the chorus. It is a really addictive movement that perfectly captures an energy you never knew filled you.

The Kecks bring a glimmer of hope to frustrations and overwhelming feelings to an infectiously dancing melody in ‘Tonight Might Be Different’. The melody has you wanting to twirl around like no-ones watching while the vocals scratch at the frustration deep in your chest. The hope for things to change comes through on the chorus and creates the perfect contrast to the overwhelming pleas in the vocals.

Find out more about The Kecks on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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