The Kid and I – White Feather (2020)

The Kid and I use his debut single ‘White Feather’ to look at a heavy subject and introduce you to what his music is all about. Using rapid drums, big choruses and loud guitars, Jacob Powell works through grief and the loss of a loved one. While dealing with this, he asks for help and guidance to move on through the one-way conversation of the lyrics.

While Powell has been creating music since he was 12, it was during lockdown that he felt he had the time to really work on his own material. Having been a part of bands for over 10 years, he translated the skills he honed into something that is uniquely him.

‘White Feather’ punches out with a catchier melody than you might imagine based on the subject of the single. The guitar line from the opening is infectious as is pulses against your ears. The rapid-fire drums get your head moving to them. As an introduction to his sound, he hits the ground running with awesome guitar riffs, drums at an unreal speed and a melodic flow that is too catchy for its own good. There is a thread of power pop in the alternative rock sounds that combine for an energetic and captivating melody.

Over the big sound of the melody is Powell’s vocals which draw you into the emotions of the track. His voice forms a light melodic thread against the barrage of the melody at the start. However, this takes a soaring turn for the chorus. Through the lyrics, he wears his heart on his sleeve as he opens up about grief, loss and the search for a way to move forward.

The Kid and I use his debut single ‘White Feather’ to introduce his big sound and work through the grief and loss of a loved one. The melody is full-on with crashing guitars and rapid drums. The vocals offer a thread to hold onto against the tide of the music as you search for a way to move on from the loss.

Find out more about The Kid and I on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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