Allison’s Invention – Rise (2020)

When life knocks you down, it can sometimes be hard to get back up again. If you need some help to dust yourself off and get back up, Allison’s Invention is here with ‘Rise’. This orchestral pop single combines electronic and cinematic elements to help you find the perseverance you need to emerge triumphantly. An anthemic testament to getting back up after being knocked down, the song will fill you with strength and the will to continue.

Back after a long hiatus, Allison Tartalia, the lady behind the music, has self-produced the single. The last few years have seen her working behind the scenes scoring films, but she is back with an authentic and raw sound. Continuing her melding of sounds, she will fill you with inspiration.

‘Rise’ has a very interesting opening full of percussion notes that filter in from the depths. A light piano line dances across these tones before transforming into a tumbling melody. Orchestral tones swell from the base of the melody for the chorus only to give way to electronic elements. There is a lot going on in the melody even though it seems to be relatively minimalistic. The different melodic lines combine in an exquisite way as you are sent from one to the other. There is a great cinematic feeling to the melody as it pulses with an expansive feeling.

Tartalia’s vocals add to the cinematic vibe of the track. Her performance starts gently but gains power as the song progresses. On the chorus, she has you soaring on the waves of strength she provides in the lyrics. As you listen to the single, you are filled with empowerment and feel that you will rise like a phoenix brighter than before.

Allison’s Invention fills you with strength through the empowering orchestral tones of ‘Rise’. The melody has a lot of layers that flow from interesting percussion to orchestral glory. The vocals build you up to rise from the ashes like a phoenix shining brighter than before.

Find out more about Allison’s Invention on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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