The K’s – TV (2020)

Growing up between two major indie-rock cities, and we mean literally between Manchester and Liverpool, it makes sense that a young band would be influenced by acts like Oasis and The Beatles. Evidence of this is the energetic foursome from Earlestown – The K’s. Thing is, they place a little more oomph into the traditional indie sounds.

After watching a video of The Jam performing at the Circus, childhood friends Jamie Boyle (vocals and rhythm guitar) and Dexter Baker (bass) were inspired to pick up guitars and start making some noise (instead of getting up to nonsense). Initially formed in 2017 by the duo, The K’s recruited a lead guitarist Ryan Breslin and drummer Jordan Holden.

Random fun fact: Breslin has an extensive background as a session guitarist performing with acts like The Who, Aerosmith and Deep Purple. It was the unmistakable passion, energy and originality behind The K’s that spurred him to become a band member.

After releasing their critically acclaimed debut single ‘Sarajevo’, The K’s began selling out headline shows, performing at notable festivals in the UK, Croatia and Serbia, receiving coverage from press and on playlists, and building a loyal following. The latest addition to their discography is the insightful indie-rock meets punk anthem ‘TV’.

Following the slower, steadier and simplistic single ‘Valley One’, ‘TV’ is upbeat and energetic. Actually, upbeat and energetic is a mediocre description of The K’s latest release, it is rather an impassioned frenzy of unignorable noise! Filled with powerful guitars, pounding drums and striking vocals, ‘TV’ is a catchy and daring three minutes of music (or just over three minutes). As dynamic as the track is sonically, the lyrical element makes ‘TV’ both punchy and poignant.

“I wrote ‘TV’ probably at the back end of last year. It’s about the way we are sold a completely blurred version of reality through the TV…when you’re younger you tend to believe it and believe that’s the life that you should aim for. As you get older you start to realise it’s all bollocks though.” – Jamie Boyle on ‘TV’

Touching on these of media indoctrination, unrealistic expectations and disappointing acceptance of life, this track is an anthem for anyone who, well, grew up watching television. Being one of those who thought that moving to New York and living like Monica in Friends was totally do-able, it is a little disappointing to face the harsh reality of adulthood. If you still think you can have a two-bedroom place in the middle of a major city while working at a coffee shop, you are very much deluded. The K’s make this message a teeny bit less disappointing with their “jump up and scream” single.

Reminiscent of The Killers, The Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things, The K’s are exciting, intriguing and captivating. The group retains this indie-rock undertone throughout their discography, but it is ‘TV’ that really punches you in the face, reverberates down your spine and tears into your soul with a fiery blast of music.

For more from The K’s check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

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