Joe Valentine – Cairo (2020)

If you are looking for a single about self-discovery, exploration and escaping the maze of a lover’s hyper luxurious lifestyle, look no further. Joe Valentine has you covered with his new single ‘Cairo’. This futuristic indie-pop song offers a tongue-in-cheek delivery that aptly reflects the current global limbo we are all floating in.

Through his signature sound, Valentine is looking to disrupt your usual flow and really make you think. To do this, he has drawn on a range of influences for a single full of energy. If you want to find out more about the single and the man behind it, we sat down for a chat with him.

‘Cairo’ uses a zipping opening tone followed by some deep thumping guitars to grab a hold of your ears. The guitar continues before warping into the synths before hitting you again when you least expect it. There are electronic beats that pulse through the melody that get you moving to them. There are a lot of elements to the melody that combine in a cacophony of sound. While this could be very disorientating, the conflicting flows actually meld very well and give the melody a futurist feeling.

The pulsing elements of the melody also allow Valentine’s vocals to shine. His voice is a steady thread against the vibrant and mercurial music. His performance has a lively energy to it, but there are moments of slower floating before the pace picks up again. The movement of his performance draws you into the lyrics that are full of exploration and a need to discover yourself.

Joe Valentine uses his innovative style to reflect on self-discovery and exploration in his single ‘Cairo’. The track has a futuristic and potentially disorientating melody that combines very well with his solid vocals. The cheeky delivery of the lyrics and the bounding beat gives you a good feeling while encouraging you to search for something more.

Find out more about Joe Valentine on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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