The Long War – Deeper Blue (2021)

Unique and slightly obscure, Canada-based band The Long War merges the sounds of old-school folk-rock with contemporary indie-rock to form their own type of music. Founded about five years ago (give or take), the lads soon garnered attention in the Canadian music scene winning the CBC Searchlight Contest in 2017, debuting their first album Landscapes on CBC First Play in 2018 and performing in festivals like the CBC Music Festival in Toronto and Banff Performance in The Park. One of their latest releases is the single ‘Deeper Blue’.

Following the rock-influenced ‘Robot Heart’ and ‘Endless Summer’, ‘Deeper Blue’ has a more folk-inspired sound. While there is a distinct execution with a soothing steadiness to the song, there is also a reminiscence to The Bee Gees and Beach Boys. Tipping you into a whirlpool of music, the band create a hazy ambience with their tune filling your soul with warmth. Yet, there is a melancholic feel to the charming tune as Jarret Lee reflects on the loss of joyful summers. The thing is, while there is sadness in the kaleidoscopic soundscape, there is also a sense of hopefulness.

Using a personal narrative merged with a fuzzy background, Lee connects with listeners through hushed tones and intimate messages. Lee shares that “‘Deeper Blue’ is about nostalgia. When I came to the west coast one of the first things I did was travel to California to clear my head. In all its beauty, I felt a lot of sadness and a nagging feeling of uncertainty. The song is about the struggle to hold on while saying goodbye…”

Exploring the fragility of human nature with delicacy, ‘Deeper Blue’ walks that line between desperation and sophisticated empowerment. I have to admit that this is one of the most poignant and evocative songs I have heard this year. Melodic harmony makes everything seem alright but the depth of the content shows they have a deeper vulnerability to wear on their sleeves.

In addition to their single, The Long War released an official music video which can be viewed on their YouTube Channel.

For more from The Long War check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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