LLC – One In A Million (2021)

The solo project of Lorenzo La Cava, LLC takes us back to the years of Green Day, Weezer and Jimmy Eat World. Already an established artist with over a decade of experience as a performer, the singer-songwriter has travelled across North America playing in major cities. Supporting various international and national acts along the way, LLC has gained a reputation for energetic and engaging shows. Featured on various playlists/online radio stations and notable blogs, the Australia-based musician is making a name across the blogosphere. The latest addition to his well-received repertoire is the single ‘One In A Million’.

Following his acoustic cover of Justice Crew’s ‘Que Sera’, ‘One In A Million’ is another blast from LLC’s original material folder. Reminiscent of artists like Marianas Trench, the upbeat pop-punk sound is cheery, buoyant and can get you smiling instantly; then again, most of the early-2000s pop-punk groups had a tendency to do this even when they were speaking about some intense concept. While the one-man band tosses you into a bubblegum-pink swirl of sound, there is a deeper meaning to the song highlighting his ability to keep you smiling while talking about something serious.

Penned in “a matter of minutes”, ‘One In A Million’ combines crisp guitars with pounding drums highly reminiscent of Good Charlotte. Using a personal narrative, LLC connects with listeners through a simplistic conversational tone and smile-invoking lyricism. Yes, there is a poignant theme to ‘One In A Million’ but it is not a bad one. With the happy melody and heart-warming lyrics, LLC speaks to people in a hopeful and optimistic way. It is a song for the downtrodden and weary pushing feelings of empowerment, self-acceptance and really just taking the world by storm.

“’One In A Million’ is about standing out from the crowd and believing in oneself, even if the odds are against you. The only difference between you can and can’t is one letter, so you might as well give it a go!” – LLC on ‘One In A Million’

Anthemic and addictive, the self-produced ‘One In A Million’ will have you jumping up and down, singing along and pumping your fist in the air. I cannot wait to see wait to hear more from this talented musician.

In addition to the single, LLC released an official lyric video for ‘One In A Million’. Please note: this video uses lighting effects and rapid image transition that can trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.


For more from LLC check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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